Traveling with Aspergers

Traveling with Aspergers


Where ever you travel, your aspergers will follow you. But that does not mean that traveling with aspergers is an oxymoron. You just need to keep some basic tips in mind and you can have a blast like everyone else. Traveling opens the mind and expands your imagination as well as challenges preconceived notions. Just keep these basic tips in mind:

  1. Stay in crowded areas. As much as I like to have fun and explore the road less traveled, if there are not many people down a road or in an area and it looks desolate, stay away unless you are in a group. Avoid places like dead end roads, alleys, and beat up areas. Also, research the areas that are crime ridden prior to going.
  2. In most areas don’t go out at night. With the exception of my hometown, I try to get in at a reasonable hour. But if I can’t, I take a cab. Further, if you have to walk, keep to the main areas.
  3. Be careful with overcharging. This is common and even neurotypicals fall for it. Make sure you are in a regulated taxi. In addition, be aware that rates may be different outside the city. Also, if you can, use public transport.
  4. Have a copy of your hotel address in the native language. That way you will not be stumbling to point your driver or guide in the right direction. And if you can look at the map before you go.
  5. Always have an emergency contact. If things go wrong, you should designate someone to keep an eye on your affairs if the worse happens. It could be a parent, sibling, or friend. Just let someone know where you are and what you are doing.
  6. Learn a little bit of the language. Learn basics such as hotel, doctor, police, help, how much stuff costs, and similar things. For this I would personally recommend Pimsleur’s. They have a wide variety of languages and are renowned for their results.
  7. Know where your embassy and/or consulate is at. If the worse happens, at least know where you can contact your government. This way you can receive assistance and hopefully bring whatever situation to a head.
  8. Make a detailed plan of where you are going. You want to be able to see everything you can. So try to make a detailed plan of where you are going on what day. Android and iOS have several trip planning apps. Also try to put all the touristy stuff on day one so you can get the major stuff out of the way and say you at least saw X or Y.
  9. Convert your money before you get to the airport. Once you get to the airport, it is game over. It is doubly true at international airports. So if you can, buy through a local bank or through Travelx. PNC offers free conversions on certain currencies if you are a member.
  10. Enjoy yourself! A vacation is meant to be enjoyed! Take a little risk here and there, and talk to people. Just don’t go off by yourself in the corner with someone. Otherwise just feel free to explore!

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