Parenting Children with Mild Aspergers Checklist

Parenting Children with Mild Aspergers Checklist

Often times we will not notice the symptoms right away, but they will creep in over time. A little quirk here, a little quirk there, and we start to realize something might be wrong. You then realize through your search that your child may have aspergers. At first you may be shocked. But after regaining you sense of balance and searching on how to parent parent children with aspergers, you gain a slight sense of ease. But now what? What do you do?

Luckily you stumbled on to this guide. Here are 10 steps you can make to make parenting children with aspergers easier:

  1. Be patient. many times children with aspergers don’t realizing they are screwing up. Give them some wiggle space and try to explain things as simply as possible.
  2. Try to show interest in what they like and nurture it. Many so called obsessions turn into great paying careers. Encourage them to do what they love and listen to them, even when they go on. Just mention lightly that they have to be careful in public because some people are not as nice about it.
  3. Homeschool them if you can. This allows more one on one time and allows customization to their life and needs. This also helps them build creativity and to think objectively. The extra time can be put towards building career and other real world skills.
  4. Build a friendship with your child. This does not mean you should not discipline them, but you should aim to have a claim to authority, and from there it will make it more easy for them to listen to you.
  5. Consider cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps teach children and others with aspergers life skills and coping mechanism to deal with real world situations. This is harder to find outside metro areas, but it is possible to find them. The only downside is cost, although some insurances may cover it.
  6. Use your life as an example. People learn by action, not merely by words. Whether it is children with aspergers or neurotypical children, they learn by what you do. So be consistent and be the change you hope to see.
  7. Try not to compare them to other children. This creates self esteem issues for children with aspergers. Allow them to be how they will be, but treat all your children equally, adjusting for handicaps.
  8. Try to see it from their perspective. You can do this by reading authors like Temple Gradhin and others with aspergers. This is not perfect, but will allow you to get an idea of what your child is thinking.
  9. Involve them in activities. But if they don’t like it after a bit, don’t force them to continue on going, even if it is for their own good.
  10. Use positive incentives. Discipline alone will not help. It has been shown positive reinforcement works better than discipline alone. This does not mean your child needs a door price every day, but use it when necessary.


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