Mild Aspergers and Side Hustles

Mild Aspergers and Side Hustles

Those with mild aspergers and other conditions on the autism spectrum often face issues when it comes to employment. Should we go along with the flow, even if it takes a piece of us every time we go to work? or should work conform to our mild aspergers? Perhaps it is not an either or proposition. Self employment (side hustles) can be very lucrative, and with some work can blossom into wonderful money making machines. Here are a few small ideas for those with mild aspergers can do to make money on the side.

Start a Website:

Whether it be about their favorite hobby or a need they see in the marketplace, individuals on the spectrum can make nice change by simply selling things from the comfort of their own home. All they need to do is find a product or service they are passionate about, and sell it. Or perhaps you can write about something and monetize it. Another options is to write software or create some other product and have an affiliate do the rest for you.

Doing Jobs for People:

This may be as simple as writing a paper or coding something. There are many sites that are always looking for people to fill the spots. The only downside is you are competing with the world, which can put a strain on margins unless you develop relationships or provide some value the competition cannot provide.


Selling Stuff:

This is one option that is always popular. If you can find a niche Amazon or others like, you can make a nice pretty penny selling things online or at flea markets and swap meets. Buying excess inventory or buying from Alibaba is always a good option. If you have the resources, going to the Canton fair would be wise. Also if you are in a larger city that has many garage sales, sometimes you can earn a bit from just finding the right things.


While there are some other ideas out there, these are just basic. For some better ideas, heading to would not be a bad idea. There are many IM ideas out there, and this site is a good place to start to earn a nice pretty penny.

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