Jobs for People with Mild Aspegers: The List

Jobs for Aspergers:The List.

You may be in high school or college, or perhaps you may feel like you need to change course in life because your job isn’t what all it is cracked up to be. If you want a job that challenges you, then take a look at this jobs for aspergers list:

  1. Computer Programmer\Web Design: A computer programmer creates programs for companies to sell or to use internally. A web designer designs web pages for individuals and companies. Both pay really well and fit the asperger’s analytical nature and attention to detail well. Some require a college degree, but not all do depending on the area. Also, if someone is good enough to freelance or telecommute, someone with aspergers would not have to deal with office politics.
  2. Artist: With Pintrest, facebook, and Etsy, there is no shortage of ways to market unique goods. With the economy still not fully up to par, people are always looking for unique gifts that don’t break the bank. Or in some cases that do. Steampunk and other interesting art fetches a pretty penny on sites like ebay.
  3. Teaching English Abroad: While this is a social occupation, in many cases foreigners will not notice your awkwardness, it will actually add to the charm! While the pay is not always the best, in many cases you get a free apartment, the cost of living is lower, and it is easier to meet new friends. You can save more money and have an adventure of a lifetime. The only down side is you need a degree to teach (any bachelor degree is ok. Korea and Taiwan do not require certification).
  4. Internet Marketer: An internet marketer markets things. And unlike regular marketers who may have an outgoing personality, an online marketer merely needs to work on the fundamentals of a site. This includes SEO, copy writing, creating engaging content, or selling goods. It is a very good skill to have, especially when jobs are not as plentiful.
  5. Financial Worker/Investor. When it comes to making money, either you are or are not. The financial field requires keen analytical skills and a drive to succeed. If you like a challenge and you can keep up with the fast pace, then finance may be for you. The only down side is you need to get into better colleges to work on Wall St. . On the positive side there are many financial adviser jobs on main street that pay decently. If you feel lucky and have studied the market enough, then becoming a full time investor may be for you. Just don’t quit your day job.

So there you have it, a jobs for aspergers list. If you have any more ideas, just post them in the comment box below.

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