Facing Your Mild Asperger’s Diagnosis

It is never fun getting a diagnosis of any kind, let alone one that confirms you are different. But at the same time the silver lining is that you finally know what the problem that has been challenging you is. Now you can move forward. Now knowing that, what should you do now that you have received your aspergers diagnosis?

First you need a support team. An aspergers diagnosis is a big startle. I know from experience. When I first got my aspergers diagnosis, I was wondering why, then I obsessed over it and tried to learn everything there was to know. But now after several years of knowing I have aspergers, I am comfortable in my skin. Once I settled down slightly, I started seeking out a support network. It started with family, but with a little work it expanded to 3 friends, family, and a girl friend. It took work, and you must realize that that you need someone, even if it is only one person. But over time and with a little hard work your team will grow.

Second, treat yourself right. If you are single or don’t have many friends, enjoy the solitary time you do have! Go to a museum! Or a film (especially when you are the only one there). Just do something. Even if that is simply walking. But in doing these things, be aware and realize the deepness of it and meditate on it. Be mindful.

Further, you should read a bit, and the reading and learning phase will be over the top, but as time fades you will not ask every other time about what should an “aspie do in X or Y situation”. You will feel at ease and your intuition will take over. Just let it flow naturally.

As an addeum to the first, seek out support groups. In many metro areas, there are asperger support groups that can help you meet like minded people and help you build a support network to help each other. While some people may have mild aspergers and others may have more pronounced aspergers, everyone can learn from each other and their aspergers diagnosis’s. Listen and learn.

If you can, get a job in public. This depends on your existing acclimatization to the public, but it you don’t already have a job, consider something like Crossmark or presenting things. People will not judge you because you are doing your job and you will have a manager to help back you up.

Finally, if you have the means, go out and chill. Travel and explore. There is a wonderful world out there waiting for you to explore it. It has not been touched by others who are not mindful and awaits your arrival. Travel can open your mind and make connections that were not possible before. In addition, you may find new friends and/or a mate. Just be careful of overly friendly people, since they could be scammers.

An aspergers diagnosis does not have to be a death sentence. You can overcome it and be productive. For more tips, check out my book, Asperger’s Cheatsheet.

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