Dealing with Family When You Have Mild Aspergers


Dealing with Family When       You Have Mild Aspergers

When you have aspergers, it makes social situations difficult to estimate sometimes. This makes it hard to deal with family. Should you tell them or should you leave them in the dark. Now I am talking more generally in terms of extended family, but in some circumstances this also applies to close members of the family. This will usually depend on how open minded your parents, grand parents, or siblings are, and whether the misinterpret things or not.

The first thing is that is it necessary to mention it to them. Sometimes merely mentioning it can make you appear weak, and thus leave you vulnerable to attack. But if a situation requires it, like you flub up or you need help, it may be okay to mention the fact you have aspergers. In addition when you need to have people in your corner, it may be appropriate if no one is in your corner.

As far as talking goes, family will usually be more lenient, and thus you can speak your mind more freely. However, if you have radical thoughts on things, it still may be a good idea to temper things. Still keep in mind that they are human and try not to repeat things. But as far as obsessiveness, you will have a little more leeway with them.

With conflicts, that is where having someone in your corner comes in handy. They will be able to help you alleviate the unnecessary fights and help you choose your battles. Whatever you do, keep calm and level headed, and if it gets out of control walk away.

Then there is the dreaded family reunion. We have all been there. But with aspergers it is a nightmare. A bunch of what seems like random people wanting to talk to you can seem to be a bit overwhelming, but it can be managed. In many cases there are cells. Find a cell and join it. You may have to talk to say hi, but after you can just listen, and if it is interesting enough you can interject what you have to say. Another safe option is to join in on activities and games.

One final word is keep an open line of communication with family. While they may not be perfect, there may be a time where you need their help, and if they are not there to help, you are in a quandary. Even as you enjoy your hobbies, still make time for family. Even if it is a small sliver, it is worth taking time to cultivate relationships that can blossom into lifelines when you need them.


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