Dating Someone with Mild Aspergers

Dating Someone with Mild Aspergers

Dating Someone with Aspergers

It can be very confusing dating someone with aspergers. They may seem distant, aloof, or worse. Sometimes you have to keep in mind that they don’t realize what they are doing and so in most cases meanness is not meant to be mean, but maybe is misunderstood. Here are some tips to help you when you are dating someone with aspergers:

  • Keep an open mind. Dating someone with aspergers can be different than what you are used to But overall you will find a nice sweet person. Just realize that they are not mind readers and perfect.
  • If their body language does not show affection, don’t freak. people with aspergers are notorious for not showing proper contact. Just work with them to create other channels of communication.
  • Be patient. Sometimes they need time and space to learn social intricacies. But be their to help them when need be.
  • Have talks. Have a daily time said aside to discuss your relationship. This does not have to be formal and can be discussed at any time any where.
  • Be unique but routine. While people with aspergers like to explore new things, they also want rotuine. Keep this in mind and balance both.
  • Touching may be restricted. While they want affection, people with aspergers also are sensitive to senses.
  • When they get obsessed with something, just realize that sometimes people with aspergers don’t realize what they are doing. So if it interferes with hanging out, a gentle reminder will suffice.
  • Sometimes aspies can be very quiet or very talkative, depending how comfortable they are with a situation.
  • Sometimes you will need to give hints to aspies to do “normal” things for you. Since aspies are not accustomed to social norms sometimes, you need to teach them.
  • Study up on aspergers. Sometimes in order to deal with a particular behavior, you will need to do a little research. Youtube gives first hand experience as does
  • Sometimes aspies get uncomfortable by certain stimuli to their senses. This sometimes includes certain contact physically or otherwise. This may take creativeness to figure out a solution to communicate between one another.
  • Sometimes aspies need alone time. Obviously this can get out of balance, but with a little working out, your aspie can get time to do what they want and yous can spend time together.
  • Be nice. Sometimes aspies misunderstand the context of something. To put it this way, if you would not say it to a small child, don’t say it to an aspie. Even if they know what you mean, the context can be misunderstood and can hurt both of yous.

That wraps up my list. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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