Children with Mild Aspergers

With the proliferation of social media and internet websites, pieces information that we never would have considered or have seen before are coming to our attention. One thing that has come to people’s attention is mild aspergers awareness for children with aspergers. children that normally would just be labelled odd are finally getting help and finding peace in themselves.

I recall growing up, and realizing I am different, but not being able to put a finger on it. Up until 5th or 6th grade I was fine, that was until other children started to learn social skills. Perhaps it was my shy nature (read mild aspergers) or not caring as much about school politics, but I just did not fit in after that point. It is at this juncture my parents began to home school me. This gave me time to develop life skills and be creative without the confines of the world to beat me down. but at the same time I longed for others like me. This led me down a dark path.

After a few years of wondering why everything the way it was, I stumbled across articles about mild aspergers and realized it fit me perfectly. And from then on I realized that I was a child with aspergers and that the children without aspergers were too conformist, and from there I built my true self.

There may be many children with aspergers confused but at the same time inspired. They should not loose hope. With help, a child with aspergers can come out to be a stronger adult and a better citizen than many people without aspergers. They may seem harder to raise, but realize the effort you put into your child with aspergers will sprout into a beautiful blossom if you let it. Here are some tips to deal with children with aspergers:

-Try to reason with them and explain why things are. Children with aspergers are curious, no less than other children. They question things and will want to know why. Just realize this is how they are built and use this to your advantage.

-A child with aspergers may wither trust people too much or not enough. Provide a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on when needed.

-Allow them independence, but provide information so they can make sound decisions.

-Encourage them to dive into their hobbies. This many times blossoms into wonderful careers.

-Understand that it may take more than once for them to understand something. Use rote method if possible.

-Practice life skills they need help with. Use incentives and track progress to motivate them.

-Try to read up on aspergers. There are many youtube videos and books, including my own, on the subject.

-Try not to loose your cool. This hurts the child’s feelings and confuses them as well.

-Network with other parents.

Do you have any tips? Comment below for tips you would suggest to those who have a child or children with aspergers.

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