Big Cities vs Small Cities: Which is Better for Mild Aspergers?

Big Cities vs Small Cities: Which is Better for Mild Aspergers?

It will vary from person to person, but I would argue that unless it is a huge metro area, medium to large cities (sub 500,000 people) are usually perfect for those with mild aspergers. The reason being is so: while small towns can be a soothing relief, many times those with mild aspergers are singled out because they are different in smaller towns, whereas in bigger cities they fit in more. Further, there is more to do and less boredom overall. However, if your town has become a refuge for college graduates or people outside the norm, smaller cities may work. Also if you have any major hobbies that will come into play. Certain areas with have more of something or the other, and so keep that in mind during a move.  Also public transport is more easily available in the city, and so that is one leg up advantage the big city has over smaller cities.

Having said that, if you live like a hermit and only come into town when need be, then you can pull off country living. But the downside is the access to mental healthcare as well as having a decent job market is limited. But the quietness in the outdoors and lack of stupidity can put many of those with mild aspergers at ease.

One more compromise is the suburbs. While mobility may be an issue, it won’t be as bustling, but still be close to what you hold dear. In addition there are likely more health professionals and other services that can help you. Just be careful and realize that not all suburbs are built equally, so bear that in mind when looking for a place. Usually there with be some public transportation, but the quality will likely suffer.

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