Aspergers and Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

    Push Yourself

     Through the years I have gone through a lot that pushed me out of my comfort. Whether it is a loss of a family member, doing heavy duty backpacking, or travel, facing our fears and taking on challenges grows us as people, which we then learn and are molded from. While having aspergers, whether mild or not, makes it hard as it is, you as a person are ok as you are and can transcend anything that is put before you.

The first step towards going up is yourself. Self defeating attitudes, past regrets, mistakes, or criticism all eat at our self confidence. How do you smash it? By doing things regardless of what the past tells you. Now there is such thing as common sense, so this does not mean blow past every caution. However, you can minimize risks by learning from those that have done what you want to do, thus minimizing risk to yourself. We live in the information age. There is no excuse for not trying to learn something.

The second step towards challenging yourself is figuring out what needs to be done and making a plan for it. Without a plan, your energies will dissipate towards every other thing competing for their attention. One thing that helps me is either using a dry erase board or writing them down on paper, then visualizing them. This has helped me manage organizations I have helped manage as well as in other aspects of my professional life. Other ways that people use to get their head out of the swamp are to have an accountability partner or someone do the activity with, working with a mentor, talking with a therapist, going to meet up groups, and chatting with others online.

The third thing to keep in mind is self knowledge. Learn what your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and hopes are. This will go a long way towards charting your path. Many times people just go with their emotions not realizing what they are even feeling. A fully self actualized person will realize what they want, what is holding them back, and can then craft a plan around that. While you can learn from others and what they have done, only you can apply what you learn to your life to learn what works.

The final thing is to continue to educate yourself about new opportunities within whatever you are pursuing.  In addition, don’t turn down every opportunity just because it does not fit in a 4×4.  Also , some of the most rewarding things are the hardest, so keep that in mind as you take on new goals and aspirations. Try taking an interest in others as well. Many times we will learn of news things through them. Or try parallel or auxiliary interests to your current ones.

Another aspect to keep in mind is just because you fail does not mean you are a horrible person. Keep a good humor about it. Laugh at life, find things that make you happy and/or laugh. Keep a good composition is key to determination towards any goal. Whether your animals, comedy, an occasional sip of wine , or whatever, take in the small moments life life, no matter how dull or uninteresting they may be to other people.

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