Mild Aspergers in Toddlers

Mild Aspergers in Toddlers

Many times there are signs we miss in toddlers and children that may point to there being things that need taken care of. While attention has been increased to detecting autism spectrum disorders (aspergers and other disorders on the spectrum), attention still needs to be brought to aspergers in toddlers, as well as other disorders. Here are early signs your toddler may have aspergers:

  • Odd fascination with things. Your toddler may obsess over a particular thing, like trains or balloons. While some of this is normal, combined with other things it may point to aspergers.
  • Not quite talkative. This is the biggest sign. Generally toddlers want to talk and learn new things. If your toddler is more shy and subdued, you may want to keep an eye on it.
  • Avoids eye contact. While there are other reasons a child may avoid eye contact, generally toddlers will at least look a little bit at you. it may not be perfect, but long periods without eye contact may mean something.
  • Problems with social interaction. This may mean that they do not like to interact with other people or children and may in fact stick close to you. Toddlers with aspergers may be bewildered by common interaction with toddlers their age.
  • They may develop into prodigies at a young age. For instance, a toddler may start learning the piano, and as they progress, they may discover they have an inborn ability to play the piano.
  • They use big words. Often times when there is aspergers in a toddler, they will use a bigger vocabulary or a more complex vocabulary than their peers. In addition they may show intelligence beyond their years and have knowledge that is shocking to those around them.
  • Your toddler may be very repetitive. They will like a certain order to things and disrupting this can causes them to have a meltdown. While this does not give them a license to scream and yell, some leniency should be shown. They may get up eat breakfast, get dressed, then go to the bus stop. In some cases if this routine is interrupted a toddler will have a fit.
  • Like things ordered. There is a certain way to things and to disrupt it will seem like the end to them. Just reassure them everything will be okay.
  • They may be clumsy. The effects will vary, but in some cases the motors skills will make certain actions harder than others. You toddler may require assistance and in extreme cases therapy.
  • Temper tantrums. Often when there is aspergers in a toddler, they will have tantrums. Managing this requires a balance as to not reward them for being difficult, but at the same time show empathy for them.

These are just some of the major things to watch for when there is aspergers in a toddler. These should be taken together and not in individual parts. If there is just one thing off, don’t jump to conclusions.

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