Asperger’s and Dating Foreign Women

     Dating Someone with Aspergers

I have dated both foreign women and women living in my country, and personally I prefer women from abroad. While you can find a woman in your home country, many times aspergers is camouflaged abroad, whereas in your own country the difference is more obvious. In addition, many countries seem aspie in their outlook, so sometimes it is easier to fit in. There is also the adventure factor too. In your own country, you see the normies going about about their day doing common things, being boring, and discussing inanities. However, when you immerse yourself in foreign culture, you don’t see something similar to you through the looking glass, but a unique experience, and as a result your self confidence is boosted.

There is also the language barrier. While this can be a bad thing, if you are still working on learning, this fact may work to your advantage. To compound this, if you need “help” with your pronunciation,  many others are working on their English or other languages, so you can build rapport easily that way. In addition, if you meet friends where ever you were visiting, you can use those connections to meet women much more easily than you would if you were back in your home country.

Now there are dangers to this. While most people are good people, there are some things you need to watch out for. Many times there are romance tours that can waste your money, women that might scam you for your money, random street crime, and other things I can’t think of. Also, some countries may not be as intellectual or conductive to your muse as your home country, so that would be another drawback.  In addition there is the cost of the flight, hotels, and other travel costs which you would not have back home. While there are many things you have to consider when going abroad, it is still a viable option. Most woman are wonderful and are just looking for love just like you.

Despite the drawbacks to going abroad, it is still a winning proposition. Even if you don’t find a woman, you will find adventure and will open your mind more than you would be in your home country. Going in you should try to not focus on dating, but having a fun time, otherwise you may come off as desperate. However, foreign countries are more forgiving, so you have a better chance of winning someone’s heart.

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