Mild Aspergers and Religion

Mild Aspergers and Religion


While I don’t want to start a flame war over religion, it is an interesting topic to talk about so I don’t believe it should be left out. While personally I am an atheist, I personally don’t mind religion, as long as it does not regulate morality in government.

As for how many on the autism spectrum think of religion, I will break it down from my experience. As I have noted, I don’t pay attention to religion that much, however, there are many concepts put forth by theologians, so I have read some of them somewhat, however, this is where it gets interesting. They seem like they are on totally different planets compared to mainline churches. The theologians actually make some sense, and while they don’t pacify all my questions, they are not afraid to answer them or hide when big questions come. To be fair, most pastors and teachers are not prepared to take on big questions because that is not their prime focus, which I can’t blame them. However, if Christianity, or any other religion is to remain relevant, they need solutions beyond join my club.

Beyond that,I find that churches don’t match up with their historical basis or foundation. It seems like the pastor runs the church, which from what I understand is not how it originally was. Further, all the Machevellianism, useless chit chat, and aversion to actually digging deep into the Bible and tackling the big issues concerns me. Then not thinking critically about their positions, following certain political persuasions, as well as the fact that many mainline denominations have adopted philosophies that up until 100 or so years ago were crackpot ideas makes me wonder where they lost their judgement.

As for fringe religions, it goes without saying that many of them prey on people, and they are not logical in the least bit, so obviously that goes out the window. As for Eastern ideas, I like many of them when they are distilled in philosophical terms, but many of them are too other-wordly to be practical. Islam is too controlling, but have some decent point on arbitration and economics. As far as other religions, I would say some have good and bad points, but most the smaller and fringe religions are too crazy to be taken seriously. As for religion in general, I just find too many conflicts within them to justify jumping on the boat.

As far as what I like, I think Universal Preferable Behavior , as well as consequentialism, philosophy, and history in general offer the best chances of balancing ourselves. Instead of getting caught up in otherworldliness, I would rather practical everyday lessons to improve my life. But that is just me.

Despite this, I believe religion and spirituality have a place in society. I am appreciative of the work religious institutions have done to help those in need, help those who might not otherwise use a proper moral compass, and contribute to Western thought. The problem is though the ideas that helped build the West are now being ignored by those who built it, and as a result I feel like any gain religion has made towards a civilized world will be lost, unless someone can unlock the serious study and mindfulness that helped our forefather build the West. However, I am not a man for wagers, so I will sit this one out.

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