Aspergers and Interviews.

Aspergers and Interviews.

You’ve got your big opportunity to shine, but you worry that you will blow it. You have been called in for a job interview or are being interviewed by the newspaper about your cause. What will you do? Will you just let the fear overtake you? Are aspergers and interviews mortal enemies?

No! With some fine tuning you can ace any interview, with or without trick questions. You may do a little tweaking, but it is all doable. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are in an interview:

  • Do not slouch. This reflects poorly on you.
  • Don’t look them directly in the eyes, but look at their mouth if need be.
  • Address the interviewer by their first name. This builds relationship material, shows you are thoughtful, and makes it more likely they will remember you when you come back in.
  • Learn a little about the company or individuals you would be working with. This is another way you can show you care.
  • Usually it is not the best you bring up aspergers in the work places. There are too many variables to know who will or will not tell who or what things.
  • Dress for success. Shave, clean up a bit and wear your best clothing. Use colors to your advantage. Blue is comforting, black and white are neutral, while red brings you attention.
  • If you have a question about the job, ask. Don’t talk about other thinka not related to the job.
  • If you are in a personal office andyou have finished the interview, ask them about carious items in the office. If they have nice art or have a book on an interesting topic, compliment them on it.
  • Use hunor to your advantage. Crafted right, you can gain an edge over more qualified candidates by building rapport. Just make sure your humor is polirically correct.
    • Don’t go overboard, but network prior to the interview. If you can have a direct connection to the hiring manager, send them a letter stating you would like to work for their company (but only if you really want to). In addition get to know people in the company. But try to show genuine interest in them, not just for the job. This will give you an advantage over others who apply randomly.

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