Aspergers and Homeschooling

Aspergers and Homeschooling

The public school is okay for most students, but others need a different environment to operate in. This is where homeschooling comes in for children with aspergers. Aspergers and homeschooling may not seem to go hand and hand, but they do. Children are given more time to pursue their goals, they learn about healthier relationships, and are not burden down with over the top bureaucracy.

At first it may seem hard putting aspergers and homeschooling together, but it is very doable. Matter of fact your child will not likely need your help most of the time! In many cases the only thing you will need to deal with is double checking their answers. In addition, homeschooling is not an exact science. You tailor it to your child’s needs, not to the whims of the school district. For instance, if your child likes programming, you can incorporate that into his or her studies. In addition, your child does not have to be a loner like many people say homeschoolers are. There are many areas where there are homschooler support groups and if you are religious homeschoolers tend to congregate at church functions as well. Check meetup as well for meetups related to their hobbies.

As far as curriculum goes, Robinson home school courses, ACEs, Abeka, for Dummies, as well as others do a good job at teaching basics. It you want to supplement that with other content, using old college text books for advanced subjects can be helpful. Many of them can be found on sale at local Goodwill stores and present great content.

At least in the early stages, your child with likely finish subjects earlier than the public schools (especially if there are a lot of canceled school days like the public school system has for snow days and the like). If they finish one subject ahead of another, this will allow them to sink their energy into the harder subject and usually get done at or before the school gets out. Worse comes to worse there are services like that are low cost or even free if they partner with a local institution.

One method to consider if you have multiple children is to use the Lancaster school method, which is to allow the older children to teach the younger children what they know. Not only does this encourage verbalization in children with aspergers, but it encourages confidence, reminds them of things they have learned, and allows them to get excited about things they like. Obviously this will require a little supervision, but it just shows the innovation that can occur with homeschooling.

One last word of advice is if you can, incorporate SAT prep into your coursework in the 10th or 11th grade year. My parents failed to realize the importance of this and as a result I did not do as well as I should have. While test scores are not everything, you should keep your child afoot so they can attend college if they so choose.


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