Mild Aspergers and College

Should You Go to College?
Aspergers and College

It seems like everyone is saying college is the way to go to earn big bugs. However, that is not always the case. Some people are not fit for college or just don’t like it. At that is perfectly fine. Even with Aspergers, this can be a problem. To go or not to go, that is the question. Depending on your obsession or your ideas, perhaps it might be a good idea, or perhaps it is not. We will take a look at the various options you have.

  • Physical College

While this will take up the most time, it may be the most beneficial. While people on the spectrum may not like to communicate with most people, there is a lot to like about physical colleges. Libraries and computers to use, potential networking opportunities, and events make physical classes worth while. However, depending on which colleges you go to, it may be either too face paced and have too much energy, or it could be too slow (community colleges).  It is all about finding you niche. However, many schools cost a pretty penny, so it is advised to do community college first if you can.

  • Online Classes

Here is another option if you want to go to college, but you just don’t feel like having to deal with people. The networking opportunities might not be there, however many times college have internship opportunities, among other things, posted on their website. Depending on the teachers, sometimes the grading is harder online than in class. In addition you don’t have much margin for error, whereas in class it might be easier to talk to the instructor in person.

  • Trade Schools

While this may not be on everyone’s top 100 list, it is a definitive way to get a skill that pays decent and yet does not require too many years in school. While you would still have to show up for class, it would only take 2 years to get a certificate, so this might be a cost efficient option. Many of the fields offered and trade schools are in high demand, it is just many are looked down upon because they are part of the “trades”. But that is plain stupidity. If it puts money on the table, then it should not matter.

  • Go into a License Profession

While it would be easier to break into many of the fields in this category with a degree, it is not necessary. However, if you are so inclined, there are many field that just required a license, but many of them require people skills and hard work. Financial services, real estate, lock picking, bondsmen, private detective, among other things, only require a license. There are some restrictions if you have a criminal record, however if you have a clean record, then many of these fields can be lucrative and provide a fulfilling career. The only downside is you have to work hard in these fields and many times you need hard sales skills.


While I may have missed some other obvious outlets, keep exploring and you will likely find a niche for you


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