Aspergers and Being INTJ


INTJS and Aspergers

Many times there have been comparisons between INTJs and mild Aspergers. While it is an apt comparison, there are some contrasts. While some INTJs don’t like when their plans are messed up, they self adjust and can have a bit better self mastery. In addition, some INTJs are Machiavellian and try to take advantage of situations (think of Frank Underwood from House of Cards) and further are very loveable, but it is all a front, whereas with many aspies this is not the case. Further, not all INTJs have Aspergers and not everyone with Aspergers are INTJs. Further, it is not entirely scientific and a bit too pop science for some, so you should take any MBTI results with a grain of salt.

Let’s look at commonality though. INTJs are known to be bored with the mundane, seek out larger than life goals, are often times not much of people people, are very strategic, are often very literal, very stiff in mannerisms, question authority, are often outsiders, struggle with the opposite sex, can be cunning in how they speak, try to cover up deficiencies by learning communication and other skills, and often are portrayed as cold and unattached. Much of that applies to Aspies too, except for the last 1/3rd. Further Aspies can be a bit more annoying in some cases, whereas INTJs tend to be on the more reserved, Aspies struggles with relationships, whereas INTJs tend to have a bit more success, and Aspies tend to have more slack given to them (when their Aspergers is known about) whereas INTJs have more scrutiny.

MBTI should be used as a start, but not an end to research. While it is a useful shorthand, it should be used for inner Jungian reflection. However, most the time it has lost most of its powerful meaning and has turned into a pop culture stupidity for every person with a computer.

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