Mild Aspergers and Activism

Aspergers brings out passion in people and often times that manifests itself in activism. Aspergers and activism often go hand and hand. Whether that is LGBT rights or corruption in government, aspies often times pursue justice, even when it goes against the grain of what most people think.

This can often help or hurt their cause. Often times when an issue is coming to the forefront, there will need to be some pressure applied to get it past netting that would snare it. However, once past the initial social filtering, alliances need to be made and networking trumps tearing things down. No matter how liberal or conservative your opposition may be, olive branches need to be granted occasionally as to appear to be the stronger man in the room, and operating out of strengths and not weakness.

If an aspie looses hope in general politics (which with very niche causes can happen very often), the next best idea is to go third party or go into ballot initiatives. The first will not yield immediate results, but will at least get the ideas out there, whereas the latter will allow you to create change at the local level. The latter is a little more likely to get success because it is not represented by one party or another, but an idea, which extremism is built on. A person has to pick their battle, and it seems like ballot initiatives are an easier path to achieve goals.

Another avenue to achieve extreme goals is the media. Take the LGBT movement. Early on it was marginalized and an oft persecuted minority. But post Stonewall, it found it’s voice and started grabbing whatever media attention it could get. Then in the late 80’s and early 90’s it started gaining traction in the mainstream media, until it finally caught attention in the early 2000’s. The biggest lesson to be drawn from this example is it used emotions which are relatable to people: justice, fairness, equality, etc. , which is built into Western values. And it was by this a movement was born.

So if you are obsessed about a particular subject, don’t be afraid to fight for it! It may be a long battle, but every battle has it’s ups and downs. But the important thing is to do. The biggest thing you can do for your cause is to gather like minded people together and demand action. This does not have to be many people, since obviously us aspies are not always the best communicators. But even if you have a small circle of people you can trust to help you towards your goals, that is all that matters. Because each one of yous will have a skill the other does not.

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