Adults and Mild Aspergers Syndrome.

Adults and Aspergers Syndrome

As we grow older, many younger mannerisms tend to die off, including some that would indicate we have aspergers. But despite our coping mechanism and all good intentions, we sometimes fail to hide the more awkward sides of us. This is where aspergers syndrome and being an adult interface.

While we don’t want to erase our personality, for that is who we are, and to erase that would kill the whole point of existence, sometimes we want to mold our personality little by little, as to not attract attention to our more unusual side, which will then allow others to focus on our more positive attributes, and in turn will allow us to succeed more socially. But before we dive into that, let take a look at what aspergers in adults looks like.

First we must realize that not everyone will be alike. Some may be able to hide it better, whereas others may not. But some things that can point towards aspergers are a limited dating life, shyness, obsession with things, obsession with things some people might consider “immature”, depression, lack of emotional rapport with people, ¬†aspergers may be combined with other disorders, they find it hard to accept change, may be very good at analyzing things, like a set way of doing things, find it easier to relate to people besides his peers, they may say inappropriate things without thinking, among other things.

The first idea I would bring to mind is read on social interaction. Since we often times do not parse people’s reactions in the wild, we have to be purposeful, and barring asking others if the situation is hostile to asking, we may consider reading things from those who are socially better than us. This was, it is not as hard to parse, and over time you will evolve and mold to what you have read. ¬†You are what you read.

Second, you learn by doing. The more you are around social situations, the more you get a taste for them. It helps when you are around supportive people that will help you spot differences. This does not always work, but it will help with minor things at the very least, especially if there is push back.

Finally, if you can find a support group in your area, try going to it. You can then network with others who face the same thing you do. Barring that, you can go on . Or if you don’t like that, you can always go to a hobby group, which allows you to have a common interest with others if you can’t find people with a similar brain wiring. They will likely have some similar mannerism, but not be perfect.


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  1. Social Interaction is the main problem of aspeger’s. People with mild autism/aspergers, lack of this problem. They feel shy, stay quiet and don’t exactly know what to do that time.

    1. I wouldn’t say people with mild aspergers are totally out of the woods, but merely that they learn to mask themselves better through NLP, communication theory, and such things. I would say reading about and studying communication can go a long way.

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